Keeper of the calendar

For various reasons the past few weeks have seemed extra busy. I constantly just feel like I’m a step behind and can’t quite catch up. Whenever I feel this way I like to pause for a minute and make sure I’m saying “no” to the things I can be. My time on earth is too short and sweet to let busyness invade my life and rob me of special moments and joy!

I need down time to recharge and feel refreshed. Time to be still and  focus my thoughts. When the days go flying by and we are here and there, I feel overwhelmed, behind, frustrated and worn down. My kids are still little so they are dependent on momma for a lot of things. I have to be conscious of not wearing myself too thin. I have found that I like 2-3 days during the week with no set plans. I’ll go out with the kids to do errands or fun things, but we go at our own pace. When my weeks become too full I feel like I’m just herding my little pack around, always rushing everyone around leaving me feeling like a scatter brained drill sargent. Its hard for me to stay up on laundry, housework, our garden, and my quiet time. When the busyness creeps in I feel like I miss out on special little moments with my kids, and those moments can be so important! I am to nurture my children, and nurturing calls for those teachable and lovable moments.

As I reflect on the busyness of the past few weeks, and the upcoming weeks, I realize there’s not much I can do about it. There always seems to be seasons where the calendar is full and there is really no way around it. So what do I need to do during this time? I need to adjust for this season based on how I know I function. I need to make sure I squeeze in a few minutes of down time daily. I need to be conscious of saying “no” to all the things I can. If there happens to be a free day, I need to work at keeping it that way. I need to aim at having a good attitude if the laundry is piled higher than normal and the house isn’t as clean as I want. Its a busy season and something has to give! I also need to make sure this season doesn’t go on for too long and our family doesn’t reach burnout!

As wives and/or mothers it is our job to set boundaries and protect busyness from invading. We are the keeper of the calendar.

I realize everyone is different, some thrive with being on the go, where others like myself may need a little more down time. I encourage you to take a step back though and assess where you are and where you want to be. Figure out ways you can adjust. What do you need and what does your family need?  Are you burnt out? Do you need to be saying “no” more? Time is valuable and life is short. Let’s make sure we are being good keepers of the calendar and stewards of our time!


Social Media- Good or Bad?


Social media. I have good and bad feelings when I write or think about those two words. Part of me enjoys the community and the ideas I learn from talented people, and the other part of me feels like it consumes too much of my time, taking me away from my kids, and can give me negative feelings about myself. I recently had a discussion with my girlfriends about this and some were sharing how they have had to ‘take a step back’ from it because they had feelings of jealousy, annoyance, like they have to prove themselves to others, or that they weren’t being present with their family. I have felt all these things and I admire them for realizing what they needed to do to guard themselves from these feelings.

Instagram and Pinterest are the areas I spend most of my “online time”, and I have to consciously use moderation. I love getting ideas from people who are so gifted in what they do! The creative part of my brain is there, but a lot smaller than some, so I get stumped…birthday party ideas, decorating ideas, dinner ideas, etc. While looking though, I have had to remind myself, “You are not a failure because your house isn’t perfect, You are not a failure because you’re not always put together, you’re not a failure because you’re not making gourmet meals”… and the list goes on. The problem is, people are posting the best of their best, the best of their talent. We see an accumulation of all these people posting their talents and we begin to feel like we should be able to have a sense of fashion, while keeping a perfectly clean & well decorated home, while cooking gourmet-organic-clean-food meals, while throwing elaborate birthday parties for our kids, while traveling to fun places, while having adorably dressed children, all while having a side business and writing a book (oh wait, I forgot documenting all these things with perfect pictures!)!! The bottom line is that we can’t do that. We can’t expect ourselves to be or do all those things.

This is what inspired me to start this blog. I feel called to try to share my “normal” life with you, hoping we can learn from each other.  I had to remind myself when starting this blog idea that it doesn’t have to be perfection, and that it shouldn’t be. I want this to be a place where I portray real life, with real feelings, and real messes… because to me, that is much more relatable.

So let’s remember, friends, to not negatively compare ourselves with all that is out there on social media. We can learn things from gifted individuals, but God has given YOU special areas in your life that make you just the way He wants you. Find what those are (don’t be too critical of yourself!) and use them to bless others!