Gift Guide for HER

Alrighty, here is the gift guide for her…or you!! I have most of these items and the ones I don’t have…are  on my wish list. Ok, well, I don’t really have a wish list I make. It’s just a nicer way to say, “I want them!!”  😀 Happy Shopping!

«In the Kitchen»

  • Whip Cream maker. If you want to up your coffee game (or hot chocolate, or ice cream sunday, or pie, or…), then you should probably get this. You just pour a cartoon of whipping cream, and then maybe add some powdered sugar and vanilla, screw on the charger (N20), shake it and….yummy whipping cream without all the preservatives! 
  • Be sure to buy the chargers along with it! 
  • Stainless Steel French Press. Speaking of coffee, this is how I make mine. I know the Keurig is the big, quick coffee maker that is in right now…but nothing like a good french press cup of coffee! I like the stainless steel because it won’t break  🙂 
  • Circular Wood Cutting Board. I think its fun to have cutting boards for more than cutting! They are great for serving, putting drinks on, or using as a placemat.

  • Easy Lunchboxes. Ok, I know this isn’t really for YOU, its more for the kids, but I wanted to share it because these have made my life easier (my sister actually bought our for me as a little mothers day gift!). If you’re out and about you just toss this to the kids and they can eat it in the car or wherever you are. I don’t know why but it just feels so much more convenient. Sometimes even if we are home all day I’ll make lunches at breakfast time (so I don’t have to dirty the kitchen) and just pop off the lids and give it to the kids. They think its fun too!

  • Moscow Mule. Even if you don’t want to drink a moscow mule, these are just cute mugs to serve sparkly water or stick some flowers in 🙂 

    «For the Home»

Macrame Plant Hanger. I’m sure you’ve seen this hanger on my instagram feed before. It adds some fun to boring corners for a reasonable price! The pot I have in mine is 10inches in diameter, just to give you an idea.

  • Macrame Table Runner. I don’t have this table runner yet but its on my wish list! I love the texture it adds to a table! 

I do have placemats that are similar and sometimes I use them as part of my centerpiece! These are a good option if you want macrame placemats.


A fun way to add texture to a centerpiece!


  • Anvil Woven Belly Basket. I just ordered this for myself…maybe for a plant or some toys! Very reasonably priced from what I’ve seen.


Or, these bulb battery operated lights!


  • Rose Gold Watch– I found this watch at Target and I just love the simplicity and price of it!

  • Womens Pom Pom Beanie. This is similar to one I found, but I like this one because you can take the pom pom off to easily wash the hat!


  • Bible Study Journal. This is just a good tool I came across and wanted to share! Its a simple way to journal and set your heart right for the day!

  • Portable Projector. Ok, this is kind of random but I’ve been borrowing my moms projector and its pretty fun! If you’re like me and can’t write very nicely on chalkboards, this is a good solution. AND/OR you can have family movie night outside or anywhere! I linked this one based off of reviews, but maybe a cheaper one would be just fine  🙂

  • Rifle Paper Co 17 Month Agenda 2018. Maybe you’re like me and can’t use your phone as your calendar…you need the good old fashion pen and paper. Here’s a cute one 😉 And that concludes the guide. I hope you found this helpful!!!!



Kids Holiday gift guide

If you’re like me, you don’t want your kids to accumulate a lot of “junky” toys that they’ll probably be over in a few days anyways. It just create more clutter in our homes…and we don’t need more clutter! And maybe you are already stressing out a little bit thinking about all the things they will get for Christmas??! Or is it just me?

I’ve put together a gift guide of items that encourage imagination, promote learning and creativity, and help burn energy!

So here you go, starting with outdoor activities moving indoors (Some of the beginning items are a little more expensive, but keep scrolling and they’ll lower in price if you’re not looking for bigger gifts!) ;-):

  1. iBert Front Safe-T-Seat front facing. This bike seat is so much fun for the littles…a front facing view! Our little guy loves this and it makes family bike rides a blast! I have gotten so many questions and comments as we are out riding around!
  2. Micro Mini Scooter. Another item our kids have used for countless hours (I mean COUNTLESS!) is the Micro Mini Scooter! It rides so smoothly and has 3 wheels to keep the kids safe! Its by far the best scooter we have come across! If your child is younger (under 2 or 3) you can buy a little seat that switches out for the handle bar! Click here for seat! If your child is 5-12 years, the Micro Maxi is the next step up. Our oldest has this. 
  3. Trapeze Bar. We have a trapeze bar hanging from a tree in our front yard and it is always popular with my kids and any friends that come around! I didn’t really want it at first because I thought it looked kind of tacky but, its definitely worth all the fun the kids have on it!
  4. Spin Out Bike. This bike is super fun for kids 5+! Mommy has tried it before and let me tell you…its spins fast! A little boys’ dream (or girls, but we know boys like fast!). 🙂  Our oldest got it for his birthday last year and he couldn’t reach the pedals very well so daddy rigged up some wooden blocks for the pedal. He loves it!
  5. Bubble Machine. My mom puts this in her back yard and all the grandkids love it! Its like a bubble dream come true and keeps the kids entertained 🙂 
  6. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen White. This is a litter bigger item but as you can see from my instagram feed, we love our little white kitchen! I also added it because this is the best price I have seen it! 
  7. Easy Playhouse Cardboard. I realize this is basically a glorified cardboard box, but its a little more fun, especially if you need a gift idea! 🙂 Its fun for the kids to decorate and then once it starts falling apart…toss it. I love the idea of this! 
  8. Insect Lore Butterfly Growing Kit. This is a fun yet educational gift! We did this a few months ago and all had fun watching the process of caterpillars turning into butterflies. I will warn you that it doesn’t have the actual caterpillars, instead the kit comes with a voucher to purchase them, which is $8. So if you want to cover the cost you can just include $8  🙂 

9. Alpha-bots. These are fun, but a sneaky way to learn for little ones! The kids have to transform the letters into robots. Great for hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and imagination!10. Boogie Board writing tablet. My mom bought this for our oldest (who is 5 years old) and he thinks its so fun and cool! Even our two year old likes to use it. They can practice writing or drawing and erase it with the click of a button. Its a good way to keep kids entertained in a waiting room or in the car!Another option is the Boogie Board Scribble ‘n Play,11. Train Set in Wooden Case. This wooden case folds up into a little briefcase and all the trains go inside. When you’re ready to play, it opens into a fun little train track!  It’s a good toy for younger siblings to take along if they have to wait for older siblings at a sports practice, music practice, etc! I even take it to Starbucks for the kids to play with while mama sips her coffee 😉 12. Magnetic Blocks. These blocks are a good staple toy! They fit nicely in a little storage container and it keeps the kids entertained, all while enhancing creativity! 13. Car Mat. Grandma bought us a similar rug a few years ago and we still play with it! I don’t have it out, as we don’t have a lot of room, but I roll it up and store it in their closet. I think because they don’t see it every day its a fun activity when I do bring it out! 

Another option is this Black and White Canvas street map

13. Go Robot Mouse Activity Set. This is one item we don’t have YET, but its on the list to get the kids for Christmas! It was recommended by my friend who teaches Kindergarten, and I would trust her recommendation. Kids have to build their maze and then use the coding cards to create a step-by-step path for the programmable mouse! They have to problem solve and use critical thinking, but its in a fun way!

14. Omaker Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Ok, this item is PER request of my oldest Levi, lol. He was asking what I was doing while making this gift guide and I told him I was sharing some fun things we like with our friends. He said…tell them about DANCE PARTIES!! So I figured I’d share the speaker we use. 😉 Its a pretty reasonable for a bluetooth speaker! Its even waterproof and we take our dance parties out in the pool (I will say we haven’t gotten it wet, so I don’t know HOW water proof it is). Also, if you really want to spice up your dance party, like us, you need THIS

Thank you so much for reading my gift guide, I hope it was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions.




******BONUS******* Gift idea for HIM:

OK, guys can be hard to buy for (or maybe the man in your life is like mine and has a lot of hobbies and he knows exactly what he wants and just orders it himself 🙂 ). This is a super fun way for them (or you!) to kill insects, especially flies! lol My husband bought this for his brothers, dad and brother in law last Christmas because he likes his so much!

Bug-a-Salt Gun. Seriously, check it out.



«There are affiliate links in this post with amazon but I hope you know I would only share things I truly like! »