Kitchen Remodel


Lets talk kitchen remodel! When we moved into our home I actually said to my husband “We don’t have to change a thing!” Ha! Well, once we moved in and started using it we noticed the rusty sink, the leaky faucet, the chipped tile, the peeling cupboards, and…the dirty pebble tech. So my husband gave the green light that we could remodel! First I want to start by saying that this remodel happened during my hard season, in regards to being a mom. Read about that season here. Our oldest was 19 months old, our baby was 4 months old and I was working night shift as a nurse then. So, let’s just say I’m glad the end result turned out alright 😉 I was a little overwhelmed in knowing where to start on the process, so I want to share the order we did things, hoping it may help any of you who are planning on remodeling!

If you’ve followed along from the beginning you know that I like to look at pinterest for inspiration before decorating any space. Read here for more about that. However, looking at kitchens on pinterest can be a little…discouraging. Some people have some amazing & very large kitchens… with huge windows and islands that are as big as my kitchen alone! I couldn’t really get a vision for how my little ordinary kitchen would look compared to those big fancy ones. Then I stumbled upon the picture below and it gave me hope! This was a realistic kitchen that was remodeled on a budget!


Here are a few of our before pictures.



We decided to paint the cupboards, replace the countertops, replace the sink and faucet, bring in our stainless appliances from our old house, replace the flooring, paint the walls, and remove the florescent lighting and replace it with recessed lighting. Our previous home was a 850 sq ft old home in the downtown of our city. Over 3 years of hard work we completely remodeled it. Because life was busier now with 2 little ones, and we were burnt out from the recent 3 years of continuous projects, we decided to contract out some of the work. My husband (and I 😉 ) did the demo, the backsplash, wall painting, and flooring.

So, where do we start?!  Well, before the kitchen remodel even began my husband installed a utility sink in our garage. It was so helpful during that time to have a sink bigger than our little bathroom sinks! We set up a mini kitchen next to it with paper products, a dish rack, etc.

Our next step was having the cupboards painted. This process took the painters about 2 days…I am so happy we didn’t do it ourselves! It would have taken months!

Around this time we went to the granite warehouse to pick out our gray countertops. There were about four gray countertops that “met my criteria” but we were immediately sold on the Lennon Leather. The leather part means it has more of an unfinished or unpolished industrial look. I love it!


Once we picked the granite (I took some pictures and a sample of it), we then worked on picking the paint color. The countertops are a big statement, so we wanted to work off of that. Finding the right gray took a few tries…gray can be hard! Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter was the magic color!

Granite install day was very exciting!  Our kitchen was a lot of work for them because of all the seams with the raised bar. We talked about cutting it down to make it all the same level but I decided against it. I felt like the raised bar was a way to hide the sink area (we usually have bottles out, etc). If you walk in the house and there are dishes in the sink, you can’t see them  😉 Speaking of sinks, we decided to go with the single basin verses the double. We had it in our previous house and loved the space in it! We also went with a commercial style faucet to make more of a statement.

Once we had the countertops and paint color we decided on the pendant lights, bar stools, and flooring.


As we were trying to decide pendant light placing, my mom gave us the idea to hang balloons where we wanted the lights. It was a great visual…and I’m a very visual person! I looked at pendant lights for weeks before I finally decided! The pendants were either too big for our kitchen or too pricey for our budget! And after all that looking It was actually my husband that found the ones we have!




When we went to pick out flooring I knew I wanted dark wood with a bit of a worn look, so it wasn’t too difficult to decide on what we have. I loved the real wood, but for price reasons we went with laminate. Its really a good alternative and we are happy with it! I kept a sample of the flooring in my purse, and when I was out and about at Marshalls one day I found bar stools that matched well with the color!

We ended our remodel with painting the walls, new lighting, backsplash and finally, the floors! I feel blessed that we were able to make all these changes and I love being in our kitchen!


One last before and after!
One last before and after!

If you are interested in the specifics of what we used, here they are:

Granite- Lennon leather

Cabinets- Frazee Paint, Swiss Coffee

Wall paint color- Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter

Pendant light- Savoy House Polished Nickel Vintage Pendant mini light. See here for link to purchase

Faucet- Commercial style faucet from Home Depot. See here for link to purchase

Flooring- Kensington, Sandy Hill Hickory

Barstools- Marshalls

Sink- 28in x 16in x 8in deep stainless steel, single basin

Back Splash- White subway tile

Thanks for reading about our process! I’m not an expert in kitchen remodel, but if you have any questions I’d love to help in any way I can!


hallway close up

I just want to share with you what I have recently done in an area of our hallway. I created a gallery wall around the AC control panel and carbon monoxide alarm, hoping it would help them blend in a little, and allowing a place for me to hang a few more pictures of faces that are important to me 🙂 I wanted to brighten the area a little, as there isn’t much natural light here, and give it a fresh clean look.

As I was working on decorating a few things in the kitchen one day these items were laying out and it gave me the idea for the look I wanted.

hallway inspiration

I didn’t end up using the framed quote, as it was too big for the area, but I liked look of the black and white.

hallway wall

hallway close up      The aztec black and white picture is actually a small piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby. I bought 1/2 a yard with another project in mind but I stole a little piece for the gallery wall. The fabric was on sale so this little square probably cost less than 25 cents! I know I am not the inventor of framing fabric, but just want to remind you its a cheap way to add color and patterns! The black and white “G” was a free printable from Pinterest. Click here for the link. I have a few printables in my home and love them!  

I decided to hang this $3 wall bucket from target as a way to add greenery to the area, with keeping the surface free of clutter. And honestly, I don’t want to have to move anything off the top of the dresser to dust! The way the light shines in the hallway its easy to see dust on the surface and I want to be able to quickly wipe it off. When my kids are older I will probably have pretty things displayed on top of dressers and tables, but for now, simple it will be!

hallway cabinet
I also want to mention the piece of furniture in our hallway. Because we don’t have a big entry way or coat closet near the front door (click here to read about our entry way), I decided I needed a piece that had plenty of storage underneath for diaper bags, purses, backpacks, etc. I found this piece in a local antique shop and it was just what I had in mind. The door is fairly hard to open so it keeps little hands from being able to open it and drag things out 😉  This has been a great place to throw our things in. I will add, sometimes things are thrown next to it instead of inside (because real life), but at least there IS a place for them when the house needs to be clean!

I hope this gave you some ideas, whether it be ways to decorate, or ways to make a space fit for you and your family!