Hallway Update

With a smaller house I feel I’m always rearranging. Our kids have switched rooms a few times, we’ve rearranged our living room multiple times to accommodate the needs of our kids at different ages, and I’m constantly re-organizing and moving things around to make it as functional and comfortable as possible! Starting homeschooling last year caused some additional rearranging also. Did I say I re-arrange a lot? Ha! I’m trying to make things accessible for the kids, but not have them out all the time.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on updating our hallway and our two hallway closets. Let me show you the before (and this is also before we replaced our carpet with wood floors)…

I originally got the first piece of furniture to store diaper bags, baby carriers, etc. The bottom was just one big open space so it worked well for that. Since we no longer need those baby items (insert tear/happy dance), it became a place to hold board games. I then began to think that board games don’t deserve a whole piece of furniture in our house!! It was hard to keep things organized with the bottom being one big open space.

I was on the hunt for a more functional piece of furniture when I saw a piece on one of my favorite home decor bloggers feeds. You really should follow Brooke at Nesting With Grace if you don’t already! She has a smaller home also and said this dresser was great for storing art work and crafts. I thought it would be perfect to keep our extra homeschooling crafts in! I also kept a few drawers empty for random things.

The basket on the ground next to it is our “clutter basket”. When I find little clutter things around the house (socks, hair clips, legos, matchbox cars,…) I just toss them in the basket. When I have time, or when its full, I put everything away. As I go through it, I also toss what I can.

I used this pretty artwork from Minted, titled A Mother’s Embrace, to somewhat hide our thermostat. I don’t cover it all the way, because we use it a lot. It’s nice to be able to just scoot that photo over if I DO want to cover it though 🙂 I might add, I would probably keep it covered and just move the photo when I wanted to use thermostat, but my husband won’t do that. lol

I’m excited to have this updated and more functional space for my family! As always, thanks for heading over to my blog!



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