Bathroom Makeover In a Day

I recently gave our kids/guest bathroom a quick and much needed makeover! I really hadn’t done anything to it since we moved in 4.5 years ago…not even paint! (*gasp*). So, I decided it was time ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you can see it was looking pretty sad. I mean, I did snap the before picture after I started taking things down to paint, but I was just so anxious to get going and didn’t want to stop to put things back!

So the biggest change was paint. You can’t tell from the before picture but it was a tan/peach color. Because we don’t have a big window in thereย I decided to go with Swiss Coffee by Valspar. I wanted to lighten it as much as I could! I couldn’t believe how just lightening the paint a few shades made such a difference.

Another thing I did that made a big impact was change our darker shower curtain to white and hung it a lot higher. It’s pretty much hanging from the ceiling. It makes the bathroom feel so much…fancier. Ha! I used two curtains I had at home (because regular shower curtains aren’t long enough) and we just open it from the middle. Small change, big impact.

Daddy built this stool for the kids a few years ago!
Towel rack before

The towel rack we had was too small for the wall and it got over crowded with towel and robes. As I was on the hunt for a new one I found that most towel racks were too small with hooks too close together. The day I painted the bathroom I ran to Marshalls in-between coats and found some hooks I liked (for just over $2 each), on a rack I didn’t like. So, I just took them off and made my own!

The white one is what they were on when I bought them. We just took a board, cut it to fit the space we wanted, measured the 5 hooks out evenly, and then painted!

During that trip to Marshalls I also found this rug for $12! I loved how it tied in the brown on the counters and the floors! Prior to this we just had a plain cream bath mat, so this adds a lot of fun to the floor ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you know me, you know I love twinkle lights. I had to add them to the bathroom somehow so I got these jars from Hobby Lobby to put them in. Before I did this little makeover I had too many small things on the counter. I decided I wanted to do bigger items, but less of them. I love the clean look!

I got this vintage Winnie the Pooh art print for a dollar a few years ago. I decided it would work in here for now, especially since it’s the kids bathroom. I just updated the frame. I may switch it out for something a bit more modern once I paint the cabinets, we’ll see. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And as for the fake fiddle fig (I just don’t want to worry about keeping something else besides my kids alive!), I cut it down to fit in this cute basket. By cut I mean, hand-sawed-through-a-super-thick-stick-3-times-to-get-it-the-perfect-height. AND I got blisters on my hands from doing so. But it was worth it! Ha! I found it for a great price at Marsalls a few weeks ago and couldn’t pass it up. The trunk is real wood but the leaves are fake. Anyways, I like what its little self brings to the bathroom ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, this is phase 1 of the bathroom update. Phase 2 will be painting the cabinets and adding hardware! I wanted to share with you because, well, its nothing extravagant. I just painted and freshened up a space that I would usually just close the door on. It may not be my dream bathroom, but it feels so much better! Maybe you have a space in your house you feel the same about and with a few changes can turn it into something you like! If you have any questions or need ideas I’d love to try to help!

Thanks for reading!



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