About Me

Hi! I’m Danielle, thank you for stopping by my blog!  My Lived in House is a place where I share all things important to me…my family, my home, my faith, my hobbies, and my projects. I’m a former nurse who now stays home with our 3 little loves and am privileged to do this with my handyman husband, Charlie.

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My home is important to me, as it is the place where my children are making memories and building a platform for their future. I appreciate a well decorated home, one that makes me feel peaceful and cozy when I walk in. We have a very comfortable 1450sq foot house. My husband and I prefer small houses because it keeps us close as a family (literally!), keeps us from accumulating too much stuff, and we don’t have to be tied down to a higher house payment.

In my home there needs to be a specific place for everything, but its ok if that item is not always in that specific place. I want my kids to be able to be kids, but at the end of the day, I can put those things away to give them a clean slate to start making memories with tomorrow!

Although décor can help in creating a calm and peaceful place, I believe that our attitude, our heart, and our patience is what truly creates that type of place. This is humbling, as I fail often, but I am so thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness! My hope is that you can learn something, feel inspired, and feel blessed through my imperfect blog. Be blessed friend!!

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My best friend and husband of almost 7 years!
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My 3 Blessings! Emersyn 2.5 years, William 8 months, Levi 3.5 yrs